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(J. Morats)

I met a woman out last night – she made me crazy
She tied a cherry stem knot with her mouth
I’m reflecting today – and I’ve got to say, she’d be a real gem heading south

The vagrant man’s out standing by the window…
He just hit me up for some change..
I stiffed him this time – and now his share of wine will share my ride home on the train..

Sometimes I feel sad and lonely ….. And then all my friends come around
So if you hear me complaining….. Roll the window up – ignore the sound

We nicknamed you the king of useless information..
You always beat the people playing jeopardy..
You scored a 282 on your IQ – but the king of Twister is me…

And we’re all working our ass off to make a living
And we play just as hard through Saturday night..
And we’re singing the blues in our new clean room shoes and sometimes that makes things alright..

Sometimes I stay up all night talking
Sometimes I tell my jokes for free
Sometimes I climb up to the summit
Sometimes the mountains bury me
Sometimes you think you’re getting somewhere
Sometimes you really get there too
Sometimes you sneak a taste of sugar
Sometimes  the time sneaks up on you….
Sometimes we raise our hands in glory
Sometimes we raise them in disgust
Sometimes we all can make a difference
Sometimes ‘the Man’ is holding us
Sometimes a river carves a canyon
Sometimes a rock falls from the sky
Sometimes we lay around and wonder
We’ve got a lot of things to try……..

Used to Mean More to Me
(J. Morats)

Look at my glass shattered here in the parking lot
My wallet’s gone now but at least no one was shot
It may be karma but it still feels like I’m the one getting screwed

I’m breaking 80 in my rented Cavalier
Nailing the speed bumps using feet and knees to steer
I’ve got some catching up to do before those bastards get me again

I tithe the church but don’t know why
Maybe penitence before I die
Helps me get the log out of my eye

I know the meaning of life was always right in front of me
But meaning fades into black with time with job security
It used to mean more to me

Just take my hand now girl and lead me through the crowd
My head is aching so try not to speak so loud
My day is spent so now I think it’s time for me to go to bed

You’ve been the best but now try seeing things my way
Its time to go – I think its best that you don’t stay
1 and 1 is 2 and 2 is 1 more than I can handle for now

I know you want me along for when you search inside of me
But when I wade in to far I feel the rocks and not the sea
It used to mean more to me

I know you wanted to wander through the pages I leave open
But when I look at my book, I see the words and not the tree
It used to mean more to me

Beavers Nip Jag Girls
(G. Erickson)

Jag girls wailing
Beavers ecstatic
Yonder a daughter held tightly to a bosom

Jags girls eating
Beavers dancing
It’s bad manners not pray for the victims

Jag girls enervated
Beavers energized
Was that the pound of flesh sought in retribution

Jag girls lick their wounds
Beavers dress them
How long can it last? A month?

Jag girls lower heads
Beavers offer hands
Clammy Sweat … gripping … vise-like

Jag girls bite their nails
Beavers buff them
Keep your fingers down until you wash them

Jags girls touch bottom soil
Beavers touch their mascot
Keep your hands off their mascot
Don’t you touch their mascot

Jag girls lick their wounds
Beavers flaunt them
How long can it last? A month?