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"...upon subsequent listenings, the bands' sense of harmony and professionalism became obviously more evident, and I particularly like the feelgood wit the lyrics convey--well beyond the predictable fodder of been there done that verbage..." - Jenny T. Kayoa-Bonaqeraj, music dir KEOL-FM Eastern Oregon State

Interviewing the members of Mother's Choice  at the same time is like interviewing five identical twins who have been raised on different planets: one guitarist is forthright, the other offers thoughtful spoken comments. The singer doesn't talk for the first twenty minutes. The drummer talks all the time. The bassist doesn't talk at all...They shake their heads and cover their eyes when one or the other speaks. They argue about what they're about and how the band should be described... Surprisingly, this jostling of personalities and preferences seems to work.
Shanna Germain, The Hollywood Star

"These guys' mothers would be proud." - JoAnn Boatwright, The Hillsboro Argus

"Mother's Choice came to me to record an album. I did that and here's my perspective: The band has 3 different songwriters. Jeff writes in a rock-vein, tales of unrequited love and introspection. Jonathan writes in a more romantic mode, and uses his fluid voice quite well. That just leaves the third songwriter, George. See George is the drummer but they let him write songs. We all know that's usually a no-no but in this case it's pretty funny. George writes about girls that build robots, sasquatch love, incomprehensible sports reporting and sleeping aids. To say that his perspective lends a contrast to the other's songwriting would be an understatement. It's an unusual mix until you think of classic records like the Who's "Sell Out", where serious songs sit back-to-back with humorous tracks and fake ads. I think it works, dammit - and that's okay." - Larry
Crane, editor: Tape Op Magazine

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